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Nov 22, 2012 4:00am PST
subcontinent of india. paul eggers files this story on the precious metal. while the sights outside this shop may seem foreign and the sign up top definitely is in another language, the merchandise inside, gold, is familiar to most every american. for joyant chokesee, gold is more than just a precious metal. it's the family business. "i'm in the fourth generation, my father, my grandfather and my great grandfather were in the same business, and i have been in it since 1989, so 22 years now." his store, named ami jewellers to honor his wife, lies in a small town called in the north of india called umreth, population 38,000. still, the community supports some 54 gold shops. that's one shop for just over every 700 citizens. the ratio underscores the importance of gold across india. "every function of every people, they try to give gold gifts. in certain communities, it is compulsory to give gold." of course, there is no function for gold quite like an indian wedding. "marriage season, the parents give the kids a lot of gold jewelry." > > is that when you see the most action? "absolutely." on thi
Nov 16, 2012 4:00am PST
it's expanding an investigation into bribery accusations abroad - to china, brazil and india. earlier this year, wal-mart was accused of bribing officials in mexico. meanwhile, the company beat wall street's expectations on earnings, reporting a profit of $3.6 billion. wal-mart's cfo said the retailer expects the holiday season to be very competitive. the postal service has a staggering loss of $15.9 billion. the post office is under the finanical strain of having to pre-pay for employee health benefits. the postmaster general is urging congress to take action, including going to 5-day delivery service. farmland prices are growing. that's according to the federal reserve. demand for farmland in the plains states remained strong in the third quarter, and prices rose 25%. the fed also said this summer's drought did not effect land demand, but did hurt farmers' incomes during the summer months. farmers may expect the drought to continue to drag down incomes in the coming months. harsh weather conditions in europe could end the days of cheap wine. according to, grape farme
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2